Sunday, March 26, 2006

Majesty Magazine & other publications on royalty

From the Royal Jewels of the World Message Board:

Original poster U:

I am thinking about making a subscription to Majesty Magazine.
I think £35 is a fair prize for one year. But in fact I hardly
know it. Is it good, are there OK pics, good articles etc?

Response #1 Henri M.:

The focus is almost only on the Windsors and many of the pictures
you see, will be not unknown for you, if you are a regular visitor
to royalty boards. Maybe you can read Majesty in the local libraby?
For free.

Response #2 Nellie:

With no hint of the country you are in, it is not so easy to comment.
In Australia, I buy my copy of Majesty every month. I do not
subscribe because I found once that the flimsy plastic bag used to
send a requested back copy to me just did not last the distance!

The magazine arrived but was damaged. So you need to consider
that aspect. I suggest that you buy one copy and see what you
think for youself. For the price we pay in Australia, Majesty
is only just acceptable. I am an enthusiast of course and would
find it very hard to give up Majesty!

Royalty magazine is a different case. It is really trying my patience
by including so much on models and film celebrities. I think if they
want to change the focus of that magazine they should change its title!

Response #2a TMN Raugravine:

I prefer Royalty Monthly as Majesty is just too full of the British
Royals and I have seen all and read about the same things over and
over. But I enjoy both magazines. Sometimes each has a delightful

Response #2b Gwynnan:

I agree with you about Royalty magazine and the models and film
celebrities. I would buy the National Inquirer if that is what
I wanted to read about.

It also seems that some of the articles in Royalty are in larger
print... like they don't have enough to say, so use larger print
to take up the space. But I do like their historical articles
and continue to purchase magazine.

I just subscribed to Majesty for $64/US because the bookstore
has missed receiving some issues. Since my major interest is
the British family, it meets my needs. I plan to subscribe to
Royalty due to the missed issues problem when I can afford it.

Response #3 Wymanda:

IMO Majesty is well worth the subscription. I've had mine for
5 years now and I wouldn't exchange it for any of the other
mags on the market. Royalty is a Diana gratification every
time it comes out and the quality isn't that great.

Response #3a John in Assen:

If you care for big page-filling photo's of Royalty wearing
tiaras and other jewelery there also exists a glossy magazine
(Belgian-based and aspeccialy for the Dutch/Belgiam market but
containing pictures of all Royal families also the non-Europeans)
that have realy become an item overhere:

Royals and Dynasty (

Both magazines are in full-colour, glossy with big pictures of
all things royal, hardly any advertising and 68 pages. They
recently had 2 wonderful pagefilling photo's of Queen Elisabeth
II wearing a tiara and have done that with Maxima and all Belgian
Royals also when a State-Visit has occured. They also write about
royal jewelery but it's foremost a photo-magazine. And since they
started out I think they have become better and better with every


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